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Google Adsense Complete Book in Udru










Here is a Complete Tutorial of Google Adsense the best way of making money

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Seo book in urdu











Free Seo Book in urdu language

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Huge Prize money Offered For Hacking Google Chrome












Google has offered to give prizes to anyone who can hack the Google Chrome browser. The total amount of prize money reaches 1 million dollars. Pwn2Own hacker contest taking place next week i.e 7th March, 2012 is where the hackers will attempt to hack the browser.

Anyone able to control the fully patched version of Google Chrome running on Windows 7 remotely using bugs will get a price worth $60,000. Exploit using other methods can bring prices of $40,000 and $20,000 which in total makes $100,000. The person being able to exploit it first will take the greater amount and the rests will be given to the hackers afterwards.
Google has been paying a huge amount of money for finding bugs and exploiting the browser and their security team is very proud about their achievements. Members of Google Chrome security team, Chris Evans and Justin Schuh mentioned- “While we’re proud of Chrome’s leading track record in past competitions, the fact is that not receiving exploits means that it’s harder to learn and improve“. The whole team has been trying their bests to keep the browser’s security updated.

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Computer TroubleShooting Urdu Book










In This Book you Will Learn Trouble Shooting of computer..

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Computer Hardware Book in Urdu…


Ms Word Urdu book











Urdu Book For MS WORD …….

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Create a Soft Portable with cameyo 1.7







Now a days almost everybody  carries a pendrive whether he is a IT professional or a home User.There are a lot of softwares that you want to carry with you so that you can open them anywhere without any installations.Here is the solution to create a portable version of any software.Moreover you can also create a package of software.

Adobe PhotoShop Urdu book










Learn Adobe Photoshop In Urdu ..