Huge Prize money Offered For Hacking Google Chrome












Google has offered to give prizes to anyone who can hack the Google Chrome browser. The total amount of prize money reaches 1 million dollars. Pwn2Own hacker contest taking place next week i.e 7th March, 2012 is where the hackers will attempt to hack the browser.

Anyone able to control the fully patched version of Google Chrome running on Windows 7 remotely using bugs will get a price worth $60,000. Exploit using other methods can bring prices of $40,000 and $20,000 which in total makes $100,000. The person being able to exploit it first will take the greater amount and the rests will be given to the hackers afterwards.
Google has been paying a huge amount of money for finding bugs and exploiting the browser and their security team is very proud about their achievements. Members of Google Chrome security team, Chris Evans and Justin Schuh mentioned- “While we’re proud of Chrome’s leading track record in past competitions, the fact is that not receiving exploits means that it’s harder to learn and improve“. The whole team has been trying their bests to keep the browser’s security updated.

23,000 + Sites Hacked By H4x0rL1f3

23,000 + Sites Hacked By H4x0rL1f3

23,000 + Sites Hacked By H4x0rL1f3

A Pakistani hacker called H4x0rL1f3 has hacked more then 23,000 sites today. However, it took the hacker 5 hour to submit all his defacement’s on zone-h to make mirror’s. This might be the 1st Pakistani hacker which has hacked this large amount of sites in 1 day or maybe the 1st Pakistani hacker which has the highest sites hacked. The submitting of his defacement’s had made zone-h server extremely slow due to the high amount of sites getting submitted by H4x0rL1f3 which made it hard for other hackers to submit there defacement’s.

Total notifications: 23,406 of which 2 single ip and 23,404 mass defacements

Sites Hacked By him which has been mirrored are here:

Phone hacking made me think, says Sienna

Phone hacking made me think

Phone hacking made me think

The actress said she turned on her family and friends as her paranoia reached crisis levels not knowing her phone had been hacked – but then felt “terrible” after falsely accusing them. Her family had argued and “accused each other”, she told the Leveson inquiry.

With her sister Savannah and mother Jo watching, Miller, 29, said: “There was one particular very private piece of information that four people knew about. I had been very careful and only told my mother, my sister and two of my closest friends.

“It wasn’t just me accusing people, it was my mother accusing people. Nobody could understand how this information was coming up and so everybody was very upset and confused and felt violated.”

She told how she was spat at and chased down dark streets at midnight by paparazzi photographers.
She said they would “go to any lengths” to provoke a reaction and get a dramatic image they could sell to the tabloid newspapers.

She said: “It’s really terrifying. I would often find myself – I was 21 – at midnight running down a dark street on my own with 10 big men chasing me. If you take away the cameras, you have got a picture of men chasing a woman.”

She added: “It made it very difficult to leave the house. I felt constantly scared … I felt very violated and very paranoid and anxious, constantly.”

She explained: “The [paparazzi’s] incentive is to get as strong a reaction as possible. They seem to go to any lengths to try and upset you, which is really difficult to deal with.”

Miller, whose decision to pursue legal action against the News of the World over hacking opened the door to action from other victims such as the family of Milly Dowler, said: “I hope that some form of change comes to our media.

“There are very respectable and fantastic journalists in this country and they’re all bracketed under the same name of the press.”

The actress received £100,000 compensation plus legal costs from the News of the World in May after it accepted unconditional liability for hacking her phone.

The paper admitted “misuse of private information, breach of confidence, publication of articles derived from voicemail hacking and a course of conduct of harassment over a period of 12 months”, her barrister said in court at the time.

This afternoon Harry Potter author JK Rowling was due to talk about the “very real corrosive effect” press “hounding” had had on her three children.

Rowling, 46, makes great efforts to protect her privacy and has pursued legal action against the Big Pictures photo agency after a picture of a “special family moment” was published in the Daily Express.

Photographers and press have camped outside her home in Scotland, its address has been publicly identified, her children have had notes placed in their school bags and they have been pictured on holiday, her barrister David Sherborne said last week.

Today’s hearing began with secret testimony from an unnamed man referred to as “HJK”, whose phone was allegedly hacked by the News of the World in 2006 after he began a relationship with a well-known figure.

The story never made the headlines but the man was said to have suffered a “terrible experience”.

Computer hacking suspect is bailed



The first person to be arrested in connection with claims of computer hacking by private investigators working for News International has been released on bail.

The 52-year-old man was detained under the Met Police’s Operation Tuleta, which runs alongside the Operation Weeting probe into phone-hacking.

The suspect, who was arrested in Milton Keynes on suspicion of Computer Misuse Act offences, was later bailed to return to a London police station in early December, police said.

A police spokesman said: “Operation Tuleta is investigating a number of allegations regarding breach of privacy, received by the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) since January 2011, which fell outside the remit of Operation Weeting, including computer hacking.”

Tuleta was launched over the summer after a “scoping exercise” into allegations surrounding the use of private detectives.

Officers working on the investigation have been reporting to deputy Assistant Commissioner Sue Akers, who heads the inquiry into mobile phone interceptions at the now-defunct News of the World.

Scotland Yard’s phone-hacking squad is working its way through 300 million emails from News International.

Commissioner Bernard Hogan-Howe says police have already spent up to £3 million on salaries, with officers speaking to 1,800 of 6,000 potential victims. A total of 120 officers and staff are now working on the entire investigation after 1,800 people came forward to express fears that they may have been hacked.

Jamie Pyatt, 48, became the first Sun journalist to be arrested earlier this month as part of Operation Elveden, an investigation into illegal payments to police.

Other suspects include former News International chief executive Rebekah Brooks, ex-Downing Street communications chief Andy Coulson and the Sunday tabloid’s former royal editor Clive Goodman.

Hard Disk Space Increased Six Times Using Table Salt(NaCl).New Revolution In Data Storage World.

Hard Disk Space Increased Six Times Using Table Salt

Hard Disk Space Increased Six Times Using Table Salt

Singapore Institute Of Materials Research And Engineering (IMRE) has successfully completed this astonishing and stunning idea of Dr Joel Yang along with  National University of Singapore (NUS) and the Data Storage Institute (DSI) has increased the capacity of data storage in hard disk up to six times by using NaCl or table salt. By using this method the magnetic particles of hard disk are now bring closer to each other which increase the data storage capacity up to six times.

Lets Suppose you are working on your Pc and suddenly an alert box appear or a popup appear or a message from windows appear somewhere in your desktop notifying you the low disk space. As a matter of fact , you obviously utter some bad words for it , Everyone does. because now you either have to switch to a new disk space or you have to delete some data.

Well what other things can you do is to use some Microsoft windows 6 Double Disk Space utility , well who does that now , or you can probably use some compression software like Winrar or Winzip to make more space and obviously you still can’t make 1 GB more additional space with all these methods and you probably buy some more disk space either physically or you take help of the cloud computing.

Well not to worry now , because Dr Joel Yang , a  studied t from MIT working in IMRE Singapore has solved this problem for you by using your own favourite common table salt NaCl. Dr Joel Yang has invented a new method of electron beam lithography in which the amount of developer solution is increased by using sodium chloride (NaCl).

By this invention now, one sq.inch of magnetic storage device can store upto 3.3 Tera Bytes of data. Dr Joel Young has done this by using BPR or Bit pattern recording technique which uses super magnetic effects along with magnetic clusters and prevent loss while storing data of 1 byte.

The current data storage technique works by gathering only few magnetic particles in 7-8 nano meter. But after the research if IMRE and Dr Joel Yang their number is increased due to which data not only data storage but also data processing capacity has also been increased.

So i hope that it will sound interesting to you and will continue leading us to believe that we can’t predict anything in IT.